Fed kidlet, the house didn’t burn down, and Martha Stewart secretly hates me

The Geek is out of town this week (which means I’m on my own with the kidlet) and instead of eating out for every meal as I have done in the past I decided I would cook. Yes, that’s right, me, cooking, well, before anyone gets excited and calls the Fire Department, I didn’t use the oven and the house didn’t burn down. I made pulled pork in the crock pot. I did order pizza the first night, but that’s a long standing tradition for us. I found this incredibly easy recipe on Pinterest and then promptly lost the recipe but I remembered three of the four ingredients. I came home and Google Fu-ed the recipe and came across one on Tablespoon that used the three ingredients I bought.

It came out so damn good that I considered eating it for breakfast this morning. I didn’t, but it was a near thing. Today I’m making pineapple chicken, it’s cooking in the crock pot right now. I’m awesome with the crock pot…because you put everything in and walk away. Oddly enough I also enjoy baking and I even made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

I’m not Martha Stewart by any means, I still think she secretly hates me, yes I realize she has no idea I even exist, but she is all knowing and she knows without knowing that I exist. Okay fine, she terrifies me.

The pulled pork recipe:


Pineapple Chicken Recipe


Enjoy 🙂


About redneckmeetsgeek

I'm a Redneck Girl who met a Geek Boy, we married, we had a kidlet, we moved away from friends and family and everything we ever knew to the PNW, then we had another kidlet, and lived happily ever after.....most days, also I'm convinced that Martha Stewart secretly hates me
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One Response to Fed kidlet, the house didn’t burn down, and Martha Stewart secretly hates me

  1. Rachael says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my recipe! I hope you enjoyed the crockpot pineapple chicken! I am also a gigantic fan of my crockpot- it makes cooking a zillion times easier, plus it’s pretty hard to screw up. Thanks again!

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