Tripping up the stairs it’s all the rage…

We’ve moved! The Geek and Redneck clan of three has moved into a townhouse, we are renting and hope to be here until we buy a house. No more apartment living for us which I am quite grateful for. We owned a house in New Mexico from 2005 until last year when we moved to Oregon and going back to an apartment was rough. Most of the apartment complexes in our neck of the woods do not have air conditioning and for most of the year we don’t need it. When we moved last year we came up in August and it was hot, but it was for a couple of weeks and then it was good. This year they’ve had some really strange weather move in and it’s been in the 90s to the upper 90s for quite some time and our apartment was hot and miserable. It was too hot to sleep at night no matter how many fans we had going. Last night was our first night in our new place and it was glorious! I slept so good last night.

Which is good because I’ve been getting up at 4 every day this week so I can go work and then go to work for a 6 am training. I normally get up 4:30, you would think that 30 minutes wouldn’t make a huge difference but those 30 minutes combined with the heat make for a rough day. On top of the training and the heat we began moving into our new place last Friday and this week was our day care provider’s vacation. Last night I was walking up the stairs to the bedrooms and in my zombie like state must have decided that I should take the stairs two at a time or I don’t know, maybe I thought I was closer to the top than I was, but I managed to trip and fall while walking up the stairs. Hurt too. The Geek just took our Escape in for service, the check engine light kept coming on and there are recall repairs to be done to it too. When it rains it pours.

Today though the weather is beautiful, kidlet is peacefully napping, and I’m here in front of a window with our cat Lilith typing away and watching the neighborhood come alive. I’ve never lived somewhere other than an apartment where the neighborhood has been so active. I think it will take me some time to get used to it, but I like it.

So now I’m off to unpack and see what else I can trip over, until stay cool out there 🙂


About redneckmeetsgeek

I'm a Redneck Girl who met a Geek Boy, we married, we had a kidlet, we moved away from friends and family and everything we ever knew to the PNW, then we had another kidlet, and lived happily ever after.....most days, also I'm convinced that Martha Stewart secretly hates me
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