Those resolutions are hard to keep

So January has come and gone, I’m not making any progress in my weight loss goals yet. My husband the Geek is in the same boat.

We found this website that does a meal plan for every night of the week or five nights of the week from Costco for $150. We checked it out and ended up not using it because the meals weren’t all that healthy. We did get some good ideas from it though and we’ve revamped our dinner menu so hopefully that helps.

Still trying and we’ll see where we end up come the end of the month.


About redneckmeetsgeek

I'm a Redneck Girl who met a Geek Boy, we married, we had a kidlet, we moved away from friends and family and everything we ever knew to the PNW, then we had another kidlet, and lived happily ever after.....most days, also I'm convinced that Martha Stewart secretly hates me
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