This is the tiny human that I adore


This is kidlet, she’s 22 months almost 23 months, and she rocks. I love her and adore her and I’ve taught her to say “Rock On!” she can’t quite get her hand in position so she usually sticks o e finger out and says it. She loves puppies and milk and she’s talking now. She sings too. She’s impatient like me and I think she looks a lot like the Geek. So of I’m not posting as much as I would like or you would like me too, just look at this picture. This is the reason I haven’t been around as much and she is absolutely worth it. 💓


About redneckmeetsgeek

I'm a Redneck Girl who met a Geek Boy, we married, we had a kidlet, we moved away from friends and family and everything we ever knew to the PNW, then we had another kidlet, and lived happily ever after.....most days, also I'm convinced that Martha Stewart secretly hates me
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