Those resolutions are hard to keep

So January has come and gone, I’m not making any progress in my weight loss goals yet. My husband the Geek is in the same boat.

We found this website that does a meal plan for every night of the week or five nights of the week from Costco for $150. We checked it out and ended up not using it because the meals weren’t all that healthy. We did get some good ideas from it though and we’ve revamped our dinner menu so hopefully that helps.

Still trying and we’ll see where we end up come the end of the month.

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Is that bunny committing suicide…on your calendar?

So the link I posted, that’s a line for Andy Riley.  Andy Riley is a cartoonist.  He’s also a scriptwriter.  Until December of 2012 I had no idea who he was.  I also had no idea that bunnies would want to commit suicide.  I mean, they’re bunnies, they’re cute and fluffy, and they seem to be happy with the whole frolicking thing.  At least I thought so.  

Then in December of 2012 my husband brought home a calendar by Andy Riley depicting a bunny committing suicide in various ways,  I asked my husband the Geek to buy a calendar for 2013.  I was expecting either generic or something slightly off the wall.  I was not expecting a calendar with a bunny with depression issues who was trying to off himself.  I spent a few days horrified and saddened by the calendar with my husband telling me he thought I would really enjoy it, it was so funny, the bunny is trying to kill itself!  I kept asking how that was funny, the poor bunny, but as time went on I actually found myself enjoying the calendar.  It was rather humorous.  I mean, the ways the bunny thought of to die were pretty clever. 

I then felt terrible for finding the calendar funny, and then I embraced it and enjoyed the calendar.  It’s started a new tradition in our house, now we buy a new calendar with a bunny trying to kill itself.  If you get a chance, check out the Bunny Suicides.  You might regret it.  You might find this post disturbing.  You may decide that with my unhealthy obsession of Martha Stewart and my enjoyment of Bunny Suicides that I’m a terrible and scary person.

You might be right.  Or you might just have a sense of humor.

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Here’s to a New Year, is that coffee and if it is hand it over ,no I’m still not as awesome as Martha Stewart

Its almost 2014, which I find difficult to wrap my head around, I mean 2013 was hard enough geez now its 2014?  I have to say my 2013 started off pretty rough, I was in a position at work that I was ill suited for and rather miserable in, I was fighting with my husband, my Mom ended up in ICU for a week in January, the first half of the year sucked.  Then in May I stepped down from the terrible position, my Mom got healthy and back on track, I applied for a job in Oregon and I was doing awesome at work.  In August I got the job, we moved to Oregon, and its been pretty awesome since then.  For 2014 I plan to continue to work on my weight loss boring I know but its got to be done and we want to try for a sibling for kidlet.

I do love my job, i really do, my job is not easy, it can be incredibly stressful, especially with the holidays.  I drink a lot of coffee at work and at home.  My mother in law sent us a Keruig coffee sampler for Christmas, absolutely love it!  So many flavors!  We usually go to Costco and just buy the 48 count of whatever brand of K-Cups they have and a flavored creamer and we’re set.  Flavored K-Cups are a rare treat for us. 

Speaking of Christmas I’ll have to post pictures of the tree.  For those who have read some of my posts you’ve probably realized I have an odd fascination with Martha Stewart, I find her terrifying and yet mesmerizing at the same time.  I love all the things she does but she frightens me with her perfection and that smile she always wears.  I do try to do the awesome things she does when it comes to crafts and decorating but its never quite the same.

Oh well, theres always 2014.

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Tis the season, please stop giving me food, no, really I must insist, okay fine I’ll take it…

Ah it’s the holidays!  Which means office parties and food and mall Santas and of course gifts and shopping.  For me due to my job (I work for an auto insurance company as a liability adjuster) it also means having to tell people that they’re either at fault for hitting someone else or they’re not at fault and drowning in claims involving snow and ice.  It means that as much as I try it’s hard for me to actually relax and enjoy the holidays because I’m desperately trying to call people while they’re out shopping and asking them to tell me about their wreck. Then I come home and I get to send out Christmas cards and gifts to family and friends who live in our old home state or across the country and then it’s time spent buying gifts for kidlet and keeping to her routine.  

Then there’s the food, everyone is baking and eating and I’m already fat, I don’t need more to eat, no I don’t need to try your grandma’s fudge.  I’m sure she’s a lovely person and I’m sure her fudge is heavenly but have you looked at me lately?  Do I look like someone who needs to be eating fudge?  NO, I really do not and oh what’s this, you have Gingerbread cookies and you heard they were my favorite, yes, they are my favorite, but no really, I’m good, I ate one earlier.  Oh, of course I’ll buy a cake that will straight to my thighs and costs twice as much as it’s worth, it’s for a good cause what with fundraising for the school.  Oh, no, really, I don’t need to take this tin of cookies, please it’s just me, my husband, and my little one and we couldn’t possibly eat-okay, thank you I’ll take them home, please don’t get upset and teary eyed it’s Christmas and I’m sure they’re delicious.  Thank you so much for thinking of us and my ever expanding waistline.  I will of course attend the office holiday lunch, it would be so rude not to and being new in this job I need to be sure I’m making a good impression and I will take seconds yes please…

That’s why by the end of the day all I want is a glass of wine or a cold beer and to lob a hideous fruit cake at the upstairs neighbor who makes a tremendous amount of noise at 2 am or the neighbor across from us with their mean little yappy dog who scares my daughter or the driver who cuts me off in traffic with no turn signal or the lady who pushes me out of the way in the store to get the best deal on her gifts.  I keep reminding myself that it isn’t about food or gifts or cards, it’s about the memories we make with our loved ones.  It’s about the memories my husband and I will make with our daughter.  Kidlet is 2 this year and she’s starting to grasp that the boxes wrapped up under the tree are for her and for Daddy and Mommy and there’s that twinkle in her eye and her face lights up when she sees the Christmas tree or the neighbor’s Christmas lights.  I keep reminding myself that no matter what happens I have an amazing and awesome husband whom I adore and this adorable tiny human who loves me and depends on me and I will do anything for them.

Even if it means eating that fruitcake. 

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Who needs a personal trainer when you’ve got a 2 year Jillian Michaels wanna be? Yea the beach!

Before I get started, I want to say this, I’m sure Jillian Michaels is a very nice woman.  No, really, I don’t know her personally, I’ve only seen her on TV.  She seems like when she isn’t yelling at people to move it that she would be quite pleasant.  My daughter has never met her, she’s not even seen on TV as we only stream and use Netflix, no cable or satellite.  Which leaves me with this question, how on Earth did my 2 year old channel Jillian Michaels while we on the beach Saturday?  I have no idea, but that sweet little girl yelled at me to run and when I didn’t she plopped down and cried her little heart out until I ran.  She made sure to chase me of course, I mean how else is she going to make sure I run if she’s not running behind screaming “Run, Mommy, Run!” and run I did.  Please don’t think that I’m this stunning 6 foot tall blonde goddess running across the glistening white sand, no more like a short fat girl huffing her way across an incredibly cold beach in Oregon with a screaming small person behind her telling her to step it up.  I am incredibly sore today, but it was worth it to hear her laugh.

Speaking of the running on the beach, this weekend was kidlet’s first time ever to see the ocean.  She was absolutely enthralled with it, she had a blast on the beach, it was a bit chilly, but she loved every minute of it and we had a really hard time getting her off the beach.  All that wide open space to run around and be free, the look on her face will stay with me for the rest of my life, what a beautiful memory.kailee beach

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Daily Fitbit stats

My fitbit #Fitstats for 11/21/2013: 311 steps and 0.1 miles traveled.

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Kilt sighting in Safeway, Rainbow Bright is alive and well, and that dude looks better in a dress than I do…

I know, I know, it’s been a while.  I apologize.  Life got me.  Kidlet got sick, I got really busy with my new job (loving the new job by the way), it rained, it rained again, it rained some more, oh that’s right I moved to Portland where it rains, a lot.  I had a wedding anniversary, I convinced my husband we should get a cat (we’re getting a Maine coon sometime before Feb.) I made new friends here.

No excuses, I need to be here, writing about my incredibly boring life in great detail and then sharing it with you.  Oh, my life isn’t boring?  Really?  You want to read about my day?  Oh, wait, it was the catchy title wasn’t it?  Yeah, that’s right, I know how you are, you see the word kilt and it’s mind blown isn’t it?

Wait, was it the part about Rainbow Bright?  Or the dude in the dress?  Well in that case, let’s start with the dude in the dress.  There wasn’t just a dude in a dress, there was a group of them!  I went to Darcelle’s, it’s a drag show, and it was the most fun I’ve had in quite some time.  Not only that, but some of them looked ten times better than I did in a dress and heels.  Those girls know how to gussy up, damn, I need lessons :)  It was a great time, had a ton of fun and made more friends.  That’s where I saw Rainbow Bright, I was standing in line outside and she came out of the establishment next door.  No idea what she was doing, but I think she was working at the Rainbow Room or Lounge, so I’m guessing she was an employee.  Or someone just really excited about rainbows.

The kilt sighting?  Well, that was today, in my local Safeway which is literally down the street from my apartment.  I was cruising along picking up beer and soda and dinner for me and kidlet tonight (the Geek is out of town for a business trip and he’s the resident culinary creationist, as in he does all the cooking) and I look up and there’s a dude in a kilt.  With those rubber Nike flip flop sandals that don’t have the thing between the toe.  Yes, I was shocked at first and then once I realized what I was looking at I had to take a closer look, I mean, c’mon, he’s wearing a kilt!  I really think he should have been wearing Doc Martins though, it would have completed the look better.

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